Three-a-days: White Fringe Dress.

  In the world of football, and sports in general, there's "two-a-days" to describe training two separate times in a single day. In the fashion world, "three-a-days" describe the ability to create three looks out of a single piece to fit the multidimensional day of a fashionista. For these three looks, I've paired a white fringe dress with different shoes to create individual looks to fit my daily life as a student, employee, and "social butterfly". Take a look below to see how I transformed this dress to fit every aspect of my day.

This first look is most suitable for starting my mornings in classes, these tough Balenciaga inspired boots makes trotting through the hallways between class a breeze.
For work, I like to throw on heels to feel a bit more professional, however I opt for a thicker heel as to not lose comfortability, these grey lucite beauties do the trick.
The final look is somewhat of an ode to summer in New York City, a time when the jackets can finally be thrown off and our hair let down, these pointed toe Louis Vuitton stunners allow me to shake it up while remaining comfortable after a day on my feet!
Dress | Bag | Jewelry



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