Pieces of Me: The Bare Truth.

We're our best, most confident selves, when we're comfortable. And let's face it, sometimes fashion is anything but. So on those days when we can't be bothered and just want to feel good we turn to that one piece of clothing that we can rely on to make us look great, feel awesome, and conquer the day. These vintage levi 501 jeans have been tried and true to me for the last six years!  These make me feel so comfortable I've decided to bare it all, both literally and figuratively.

As an aspiring blogger, its easy to fall into the trap of social media, and pretend every thing in life is as pretty as the posted picture. The reality of it all though,

is that we're all trying to find what makes us happy, and turn that into success. These, not-so-candid, candids made me realize that I want to share not only my love for fashion with those who enjoy reading my posts, but bits and pieces of myself as well.

So beyond the superficial, you have me, Cierra. The twenty-something, holding on to my youth as long as I can, year old student with an affinity for fashion, a lover of the sciences, and a scholar of psychology. I'm a self-proclaimed false-'fact'-teller, imaginary Hogwarts attendee (Gryffindor house, to be exact), and tiny house aficionado.

I admittedly have an obsession with purchasing audiobooks, making dream boards, and daydreaming,
especially while riding the subway.
I also have the tendency of being far too serious, subsequently I find myself doing something obnoxiously embarrassing, then having to laugh at myself as a result.
I can navigate my way around New York City with relative ease, key word being relative. Though one of my best friends will tell you my spatial navigational skills are sub par. Though I'd like to think I make up for getting us lost, by discovering a hidden gem or being the butt of the coming weeks' jokes. 
Despite my infirmities in perfectly finding my way through the city, I've still come to regard Manhattan and the fives boroughs as my surrogate home. It has shaped my sense of style, humor, and general personality. A few lessons that the streets of New York have taught me are that comfort is key, transparency gets you far, and life is about pursuing your dreams.

All cliches I know, I'm full of appropriately timed, horribly accurate cliches, but they're the truth. In short, I've said all this to say that, in my most bare, honest state I'm not afraid to be who I am beyond clothes and pictures. I've come to treasure the dork that flourishes within. As well as, make light of my imperfections.
Hopefully this impromptu 'get to know me' reveals more than my pictures ever could or if you know me personally it lives up to who I actually am "irl".

                                    And there you have it, these are the pieces of me.
Featured piece: Levi 501

Share your "piece of me" below I'd love to know what gives you the confidence to bare it all!



  1. Sis great job u have a refine way with words the black and white imagery is excellent to the eyes. The pun on a jeans that truly represent ur love for nyc it's a great piece continue to build on this.

    1. Thank you very much<3. I'm glad you like it & I more than appreciate the feedback, & you reading.

  2. Kadeem &quot;Deemo&quot; HolmesFriday, September 9, 2016 at 10:48:00 PM EDT

    I feel like so many of us forget the value in making a self identity. We see trends and fads and want to become the hipster, the gangster, the hippie. No one wants to make these styles there own but in turn choose the person they want to be for the day. I really feel like with the doversoty of your personality you touch base with those of us who just want to be ourselves without the pressure of being hip or trendy.

    1. Thank you for getting it! You're interpretation was exactly my intent! Obviously I'm a fashion blogger so I want to stay true to that but at the same time theres always more, in terms of depth of character. Our styles should be more about an extension of who we are within, rather than fitting a label imo<3.


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Cierra Marie

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