Vamos a la SELVA, let's go to the JUNGLE!

I've been M.I.A lately, just enjoying the culture, eating, and taking a bunch of photos. So let's catch up! Since my last post we've gone to Machu Picchu, back to Cusco, Lima for two days, and decided to visit the jungle so we flew here to Pucallpa. We've been in Pucallpa now for about 10 days, and its beautiful from the weather, tranquility, and the sweet pool at our hotel it's been great.

             Here's what I wore:

                  Outfit Details
      Top: Free People
       Shorts: Circo
       Cardigan: Mossimo
       Sandals: Mossimo
       Necklace: Gifted
      Glasses & Sunnies: RayBan



Thanks for stopping by! Leave any comments or feedback below I'd love to see what you guys think! Have a great & stylish day lovelies<3.

Until next time,
Cierra Marie

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