Chasing Daylight

I've been so inspired by the floral embroidery trend that we've been seeing everywhere lately, initiated by Gucci then spread via fast fashion retailers like Zara, TopShop, and Primark. 
 I remembered I still had a pair of jeans that were similar to ones that are going for $100+ that I scored for $10 in middle school. I cut the hem, because if I'm being honest, if I'm going to be on trend may as well go all the way.

 I decided to style these flirty femme jeans in a way that married grunge with the softer elements, so I went for patent heeled boots, and a plain drop neck tee. I added a leather jacket to balance the top and bottom, and a cool bucket bag with some rich green elements to tie it all together.

 This shoot was bit hard since it was so overcast, and I'm still not quiet used to being in front of the camera. Though I can't lie I felt pretty cool girl in these jeans!

 Hope you guys enjoyed this short & sweet post, check back for more posts. See you soon lovelies xo.



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Until next time,
Cierra Marie

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