Thirty Minute Tuesday: Tips & Tricks.

Lovelies, every now and again we need that pick me up to kick start the rest of our week, here's what I've been using in my spare 30 minutes.

My skin has been in a bit of a funk lately. Some days its too oily with small bumps (especially on my forehead) and others a bit flaky. My skin is pretty oily, so typically I use clay masks to dry up the oil and minimize my super enlarged pores. Yet, this month my usual mask didn't seem to be doing its job so I wanted to try something new.
A friend recommended I try Bioxidea's Miracle 48 Excellence Diamond Face & Body Mask . I fell in love instantly!

The treatment claims to revitalize skin leaving you visibly younger looking for 48 hours. While, I don't think the results are that miraculous I will say my skin was instantly refreshed, it felt soft and supple. These results also have lasted me beyond the 48 hours mentioned. The treatment comes in a pack of three so I'm sure with the use of all of them the results will be dramatic.

While the package suggests leaving the treatment on for 15-30 minutes I kept it on the full 30 minutes for the complete "spa" experience. What I love most about this treatment is that it's organic and biodegradable, so once you've finished the treatment you throw it in a bath and continue using it on your body! Though I've only used one I definitely recommend this product!




Thanks for stopping by! Leave any comments or feedback below I'd love to see what you guys think! Have a great & stylish day lovelies<3.

Until next time,
Cierra Marie

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