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Last week, I found myself feeling a bit "spendy". So I thought what better way to fulfill my desire to spend than doing so in an economical fashion. I hit up three thrift shops in awesome locations, 2nd Ave Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and Beacon's Closet. I think I was actually pretty fortunate this trip. The problem with thrifting in the greater New York City area, is the same thing that keeps people moving further away, inflation! Keep that in mind as you thrift, a good attitude is essential. Also I tend to thrift more expensive pieces or unique articles that I know I can't find at a fast fashion retailer. Keep an eye out for designer, leather, and one of a kinds! Here's what I found on my impromptu thrift excursion.

I found a bunch of vinyl's at Goodwill which were priced at only $1.94 ea. At the same thrift shop, I scored a pair of barely worn Schutz Edna flats for $15!!! The sandals are from Buffalo, brand-new from RiverIsland for $18.98. And last, the blouse and pants, which will be styled in an upcoming post with better detailing, are a Beacon find, the top coming in at $10.95 and the 100% silk nepalese pants at only $15.95!
 Hopefully this post inspires you to get out and explore your local thrift/charity shops for some amazing steals and deals. If so, I'd love to see what you picked up! 




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