La Vie Boheme!

Guess whose back?! I know I'm long over due, but I'm back and hopefully here to stay. With class out for the summer, and no steady work I've been overflowing with ideas, yet somehow I let myself fall through on the execution. Today, inspired by a midday rain storm that left me feeling too lazy to find any outdoor adventures, I decided to quit making excuses and post a blog.
 I guess I was playing off of the "cozy" summer rain outside, and wanted to keep that comfort, but still be ready to head out if the rain let up.

This look was so simple it took me less than 10 minutes to get ready!
I shook my hair out, chucked on my outfit, and made iced tea, whilst listening to a Barry White record I picked up!
Oh, and of course my favorite slippers!
Top: Forever21
Shorts: BrandyMelville, Sheer Vodi
Slippers: Urban Outfitters



Thanks for stopping by! Leave any comments or feedback below I'd love to see what you guys think! Have a great & stylish day lovelies<3.

Until next time,
Cierra Marie

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