My Week in Reverse: Montreal.

  Back in August my boyfriend and I took a much needed mini-vaca to Quebec, Montreal, more specifically. Though this post is a bit over due I thought I'd share this bit of personal summer nostalgia, for those who feel the same or those who are heading into summer now and want a bit of inspiration.

  For our trip we rented an apartment through airbnb, which was quite lovely. I absent mindedly took no pictures of the beautiful condo we stayed in, but you can check it out here.
 I took this trip as an opportunity to express my style personality, in a way I sometimes can't in a city where I actually know people. I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and had lots a fun! Below, are a few style looks, and a mini-tour of what we saw while in Montreal.

Channeling Wednesday Adams in this cute pan collared dress from AliExpress.

Whats a trip up North, without a Canadian Tux?

This day the beau & I went to check out the Biome.

                                   Pretty sure the two previous photos are of Le Chine Canal.

Somewhere near Old Port & Le Marche Bonsecours.
Le Marche Jean-Talon.

The architectural wonder that is, Habitat 67.

This trip to Montreal was like a step into Europe, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, definitely a hidden gem of a city. With amazing community events, nightlife, markets, and eats, if Montreal isn't on your road trip list its a must add!
Hopefully you enjoyed this belated post:) 
Til next time lovelies<3.



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